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School Council

The School Council gives every child an opportunity to build a broad range of skills around oracy, confidence and leadership while they are at school. The school utilises the Smart School council model and this is a lively and enjoyable forum for discussion that puts children at the heart of the discussion and decision making processes. Every child helps shape the School's ethos and environment through their involvement in the School Council.

Under the supervision of the class teacher children chair their own meetings using an interactive online forum that provides detailed real-time information to the Assistant Head (Pastoral). Pupil Action and Communication teams respond to suggestions and are supported to ensure changes are visible and beneficial to the community. 

The aims of the School Council are:

  • To give the children an active 'voice' in our school
  • To encourage respectful collaboration between children of different ages
  • To give our children the opportunity to work alongside other members of our school community (staff, governors, parents and visitors)
  • To encourage children to understand the negotiation of the rights and responsibilities of citizenship in everyday life
  • To allow children to experience democracy at first hand and learn the importance of being active citizens