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School Closures

This page is to help guide you about how we make decisions on whether or not to close the school when weather or unforeseen circumstances are extreme enough to merit it.  Firstly, it is always our intention to remain open. However, our primary concern is for the health and safety of your children. This is the main reason we would have for closing.  It is always extremely difficult making decisions about whether or not we should close the school and we will always take appropriate advice prior to making our final decision.


Extreme Weather

Along with the safety of your families, we must consider the impact of travel conditions on our teaching staff. We have a duty of care for all and without correct numbers of staff we could not guarantee site safety.

Extreme Circumstances

If the school is unable to function as a result of a loss of its amenities (electricity, water etc.) we are no longer able to function as a safe site and we will need to minimise the impact on our school community.

Communication Methods

In the event of a planned school closure we will inform parents via our Prep Post system, on Twitter and here on our School Website homepage under Contact Us. Our aim is to ensure you receive news by 7.15 am. During a period of school closure, we aim to inform parents as soon as possible when we are able to reopen via Prep Post, on Twitter and on our website.  In any event, we will update parents on the ongoing closure and future reopening by 4.30pm each day.

If the school opens, as normal, in the morning but circumstances deteriorate during the day and we need to close the school, you will be informed via Prep Post, Twitter and telephone. We will try not to do this unless absolutely necessary.

Hopefully, we will not need to follow these procedures but if this does occur we would like to thank you all for your support.