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Mathematics is one of the key intellectual disciplines. It is concerned with structures, patterns and relationships in the areas of number, shape, probability and logic. It is used in aspects of everyday life and provides tools for many of the practical activities associated with business and commerce, architecture, communication, technology and engineering as well as for the exact sciences.


For children in our school, basic concepts, skills and operations are taught and practised but there are also opportunities for creative, investigative and problem-solving activities. We aim to develop skills, allowing children to use them with confidence and to apply them to a wide range of situations. Pupils may work individually or collaboratively to investigate and solve problems. We want them to experience Mathematics as a lively, exciting and enjoyable subject.


Mathematical activity offers scope for reasoning and the use of imagination. Children learn that problems may be solved in more than one way and that sometimes there is more than one solution thus fostering a culture of perseverance. It also provides opportunities for speaking and listening using a precise language. Thus, skills learnt can be transferred to other disciplines.


Mathematics is taught in Year 1 and Year 2 in form groups, supported by the Pre-Prep Maths specialist who teaches small groups in some lessons. In the Preps we start to set children for Maths on the basis of innate ability and learning style. There are up to three sets in each year group. The teaching is targeted in some sets to children who pick up new concepts quickly and can cope with more challenging problems. Other groups cater for children who need more support and reinforcement.


Our teaching programme is based on the National Curriculum in England 2014. However, we include a wide range of additional topics which include the specific development of problem-solving and investigative skills. The Maths curriculum ensures the children are extremely well prepared for senior school entrance exams.