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At Blackheath Prep we deliver an exciting and vibrant ICT curriculum using all of the latest technologies in a state of the art immersive ICT suite. Children are encouraged to be curious, creative and take risks and they respond with great enthusiasm. Children have access to a wide variety of digital tools that support their learning. The children are encouraged to both work independently and collaborate with their peers on larger projects.

Each year of study has a particular focus which enables children to build upon their previous knowledge. This progression encourages an inquisitive mindset and enables each child to acquire their own toolkit of ideas, abilities and skills.

Reception – The Sampler
Year One – The Tester
Year Two – The Applier
Year Three – The Explorer
Year Four – The Creator
Year Five – The Inventor
Year Six – The Director

At the heart of the ICT curriculum sit five key strands of digital proficiency. An integrated teaching approach aims to enhance the children’s ability to problem solve inventively. The emphasis placed on these five strands allows skills to be transferred into other curriculum areas and pupils can confidently produce academic work using a variety of digital tools. Each academic year children will complete project work that incorporates:

  • Text and Graphics
  • Digital Creativity
  • Multimedia Authoring
  • Research and Communication
  • Computing and Programming

Integral to the ICT curriculum is our bespoke ‘Technology Awareness’ programme that underpins the children’s understanding of the modern digital world. General e-safety scenarios start in Reception and digital footprints and online etiquette are emphasised in the Preps.