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All pupils should be encouraged to reach out to the limit of their ability and to achieve this they should have access to a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum. We believe that the role of the school is to provide a climate in which each child, including those with exceptional abilities, can attain his or her full potential. We also aim to provide an environment in which such achievement is valued and celebrated.

We take care to identify those able or talented children who would benefit from enrichment and extension activities or additional provision as early as possible through observation and both informal and formal assessment. Support for such pupils is provided through differentiated tasks by teachers and teaching assistants throughout the school.

We offer many opportunities for our pupils to recognise and develop their gifts and talents, both within and outside the classroom setting. Our broad and varied curriculum, coupled with the extensive subject knowledge of our specialist teachers, enables our children to develop their skills to full potential. Entry to national competitions in English, Maths and Science is encouraged.

The range and diversity of our after-school clubs also allows our children to further develop their skills and to discover new talents. We enjoy recognising and celebrating the talents and achievements of our pupils through inter-house competitions, performances, productions and end-of-year awards. Providing opportunities for meeting gifted and talented children from other schools and participation in external events is also important. Our children take part in inter-school events and competitions in a range of activities including Maths, Science, Debating, Sport, Music, Art and Design and Technology.

The School has a Gifted and Talented Policy which is available on request.