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Emotional Resilience

Pupils at Blackheath Prep will face challenges and it is unrealistic to expect they will be permanently protected from the ups and downs of life. We try to give children the tools to cope with dilemmas and setbacks. The children are encouraged to become more resilient by changing their approach to perceived problems.

Through the use of Assemblies, PSHE lessons, Circle Time activities and through the curriculum the children explore a range of skills that will help them successfully navigate the obstacles they will encounter. Pastoral mentoring sessions are a termly opportunity for Prep children to meet with their form teacher on a 1:1 basis. The purpose of these meetings is for the pupil to reflect on their personal development and to set targets for the forthcoming term. Whether it is academic pressure, the influences of technology or the vagaries of friendships we support each child’s ability to be resilient.

We aim to develop the children’s:

  • Competence – knowing how to handle specific situations effectively
  • Confidence – encouraging children to believe in their own abilities
  • Connection – building a sense of community to help children feel safe and supported
  • Character – using values and morals to care for the school community
  • Contribution – getting involved with the community and offering valuable contributions
  • Coping Strategies – identifying ways of managing stressful situations
  • Control - understanding that each positive action creates a positive reaction