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Design and Technology

At Blackheath Prep, Design and Technology offers a wide variety of disciplines based on the National Curriculum in our dedicated DT workshop. Pupils learn about different elements of ‘The Design Loop’ such as the collection of research from different sources, analysis of existing products, the development of designs, construction and evaluation. Pupils consider the aesthetic appeal, use and purpose of a range of products and they learn how to communicate ideas clearly through the use of modelling, technical drawing and annotation. They learn how to plan a sequence of actions and how to evaluate and redesign. During this final stage pupils are taught to carefully review both their own and peers’ work, critically thinking of areas of improvement.

Pupils also learn the working characteristics of a variety of materials including wood, plastic, textiles, card and paper. The projects cover measuring, marking out, cutting, shaping and how to join, assemble and combine these materials, including those used in electronics. Mechanisms, levers and linkages are also studied.

In Design and Technology creative and divergent thinking is encouraged. Promoting a child’s curiosity through problem solving and modelling ideas will increase their capacity for lateral thinking and dexterity which will, in turn, aid higher achievement in other areas of the curriculum.