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Blackheath Life

The vision of Blackheath Preparatory School is not just to be a good or very good school but to be a real beacon of excellence. This means providing an exceptionally good quality of education for every one of the children whilst encouraging them to become independent learners. They develop intellectual character through curiosity, using their initiative and working together as well as being given opportunities to show originality.

The ethos of the school is purposeful and supportive and we develop the moral character of the children through the Four Pillars of Trust, Respect, Responsibility and Consideration. Our aim is to provide an environment in which children can flourish, confident in the adults caring for them. We encourage them to reflect on their achievements and disappointments and to build resilience as they grow.

The culture of the school is one of immediate warmth and friendliness. The children are bubbly and focused. In this purposeful and energetic environment, boys and girls grow up to regard learning as fun.

Our aim is to give parents the widest possible choice of senior schools for their children at the age of 11 whether in the independent or maintained sector. Each year, the results of the Year 6 leavers at Blackheath Prep are exceptional. Regularly, more than half the year group are awarded academic scholarships at leading independent schools such as Alleyn’s, Colfe's, Dulwich College, Eltham College, James Allen’s Girls’ School, Sevenoaks School and City of London Schools and/or places at top Grammar schools such as Newstead Wood and St Olave’s. A large number of children are also awarded scholarships in Art, Music, Sport and Drama.