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The School’s main entry point is into the Nursery which children join in September following their third birthday. We also have a smaller entry in January for children who turn three between September and December of the preceding year. Children are given a short informal assessment by an experienced member of staff. Each child is assessed individually and the child is given approximately ten small tasks. We look for children who are eager, responsive, and ready to learn and who have well-developed concentration and communication skills.


The majority of our Nursery children transfer to Reception but if a vacancy does arise in Reception for external candidates, prospective pupils are tested in numeracy, phonics, reading skills and writing. The test will depend on the time of year a vacancy becomes available and the age of the child.

Key Stage 1

A few places sometimes become available in Years 1 and 2. Assessment for entry into Years 1 and 2 includes testing in Maths, English and Reasoning.

Entrance to the Prep School at 7+

In-house examinations are set in Maths, English and Reasoning in January for all Year 2 pupils. External candidates are invited to take these tests at the same time.


Occasionally children join the school in other year groups. To assess their ability, they are given standardised tests in English, Maths and Reasoning appropriate to their age.

Wherever possible, applicants will also be asked to spend the day with a class to give them the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the school.

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