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A Day in the Nursery - What your child can expect

Early birds can enjoy Breakfast club from 7:45am in the Dining Hall which is available to children across the school.  From 8:30am our little nursery explorers are warmly welcomed into their classrooms.  Independence is encouraged with children self-registering on arrival and taking responsibility for placing their belongings, such as book bags and snack pots in the correct places. Once this has been achieved, they may choose freely from a variety of resources and meaningful activities helping to build personal, social, physical and intellectual development. During the day the children engage in a wide range of activities including outdoor play and adult directed sessions.  Our aim is to provide a curriculum that enables children to learn in a stimulating and interactive environment that is secure and safe, yet challenging. Our qualified and highly experienced staff will ensure activities are suited to your child’s unique needs and interests.

No two Nursery days are alike as the structure alters to accommodate additional activities such as Forest School and specialist lessons including French, Drama, Dance, P.E. and Music. Children learn by being active and through creative and critical thinking which takes place both indoors and outside. 

7:45     Breakfast Club (optional)

8:30     Self - Registration and Free Choice Activities / Forest School

9:15     Formal Registration

            Free Play / 1:1 Key Worker Activities

10:00   Specialist Lesson

10:30   Outdoor Play

11:00   Snack

11:30   Adult Directed Activities / Specialist Lesson

12:00   Story Time

12:20   Lunch Time / Home Time

1:30     Free Play / 1:1 Key Worker Activities / Forest School

3:00     Story Time

3:15     Home Time / Late Stay (Until 5pm)