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Reception Teamwork in Forest School

Reception children have experienced working collaboratively during the Spring Term.


When making bamboo stars, the children used measuring tapes to mark their sticks to the same length and then used loppers to cut them. They had to work together to form the sticks into a star and tie elastics to the ends of each point and agree on somewhere to hang it. During the snow days, the Reception groups attempted an obstacle course through the woodland. They helped each other over the obstacles to ensure they all made it to the end and finished by working together to build a tower out of crates. The snow provided a great opportunity to learn about how arctic animals survive in the cold, as well as getting to warm up with some hot chocolate and wrap up in fleecy blankets.

The children have also had many opportunities to problem solve, imagine and role-play, get messy, discover and be creative.

Please view further photographs of the children in the Forest School Gallery.