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Nursery - Using our Senses in Forest School

Spring at Forest School has brought up much discussion about the changes we can see in our Imagination Garden and Rainbow Leaf Woodland. The flowers have bloomed, the trees have grown a canopy of green leaves and the minibeasts are out!


It has been a perfect opportunity for Nursery to focus on using their senses in the outdoors. We thought about the sounds of nature; from tweeting birds and whistling trees to babbling brooks. We made our own new noises using natural resources such as sticks, stones, water, mud and bark.

When talking about sight, we thought about how we see the world through items such as binoculars, mirrors, magnifying glasses, using torches in dens or through coloured cellophane. We talked about how animals have different eyesight to us and why that might be.

When it came to our sense of smell, we enjoyed creating our own perfumes using various herbs, spices and other scented ingredients. The children were very excited to take them home for their parents to use as a new eau de toilette.


While exploring the sense of touch we collectively created a collage of various textures that we discovered around the garden. It was interesting to see that we often found items that had more than one texture such as stones which can be smooth, hard and cold. We also changed the texture of some things, for example using sandpaper to make sticks feel smooth.

Last term we made a wormery, discovering some interesting facts about worms and how important they are in nature. We checked on them regularly to see any changes to the soils and fruit skins and to tried to spot their tunnels. Before the Easter break we put them into our compost bin to help with decomposing our fruit skin waste.

Please view further photographs of the children in the Forest School Gallery on the school website.