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Year 4 Construct a Tudor House

On Friday 4th May, Year 4 built a Tudor house during their workshop!


Admittedly, it was only a third of the size of an actual Tudor house, but it was still enormous and we were able to fit all 48 children inside at the same time!


After an introduction from Charlie about what we were going to do and how to stay safe doing it, we split up into groups. We took it in turns to build the house out of planks of wood that slotted together. However, whilst we were waiting for our turn to build the house, we had plenty of other tasks to be getting on with.


We learned how to tile and thatch a roof; how to bodge a peg; how to wattle panels for the walls out of willow; and we even built another frame for a much smaller house for a poorer person.  We managed to make two wooden pegs that were used to hold the house together.


It was the most amazing day. We learned so much about Tudor life but we also had a really good opportunity to practise working as a team and co-operating to complete tasks.