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Year 6 Prefects Assembly

On Friday 20th April, the Year 6 Prefects proudly presented a full school assembly.

When discussing the theme for the assembly, the children looked back at the previous topics selected by prefects and decided to do something slightly different. They chose to focus on an inspirational person who has had an impact on the lives of young children. With an impending deadline the ten children gave up a number of their break times to meet and plan their roles and responsibilities ensuring they would be ready to show their collaboration to the school. On the morning of the assembly the prefects sat on stage wearing cloaks as they as they gave subtle hints to the audience. The audience participated in a game of ‘Who Am I?’ to discover the assembly was dedicated to the life of David Walliams. Each prefect read quotes from their favourite book while removing their cloak to reveal they had dressed as the lead character from the book. Using an array of material from his books, TV appearances and support for charitable causes, the prefects demonstrated the extraordinary talents of someone who has influenced them and other children. The assembly was both professional and accessible and congratulations go to all those involved.