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House Poetry Competition

Double, double, toil and trouble!

This year, the theme for our annual House Poetry competition was Magic and the Supernatural. Our poets really excelled themselves both in terms of the quality of their written work and the standard of their delivery, which was better than ever! 

The contest was opened by the Reception children, who recited a delightful pair of magical poems with great verve. Year 1 followed this with poems modelled on Ten Things Found in a Wizard’s Pocket by Ian McMillan. The entrants had some very vivid ideas of what might be in their wizard’s pockets, including slugs too horrifying to look at and a tiger’s claw for scratching naughty people! Next we heard from the Year 2 entrants. Their poems were all about enormous giants who were as wide as volcanoes and whose laughter was so loud St. Paul’s Cathedral moved!  Year 3 had written very atmospheric poems about the creepiest night of the year: Hallowe’en, when witches dart through the ice-cold sky and pumpkins wave as you pass.  To save the audience from too much terror, the Year 4 poems had a more comic tone, telling a story of the antics of a litany of magical creatures, all related in alphabetical order. However, fear was not far away and the Year 5 entrants soon had the hair standing up on the backs of everyone’s necks with their spine-tingling poems based on the witches’ chant from Macbeth. Finally, the contest was brought to a spell-binding close by the Year 6 performers. Their poems were based on The Search for Silence by Clare Bevan and told the story of a wizard on a quest to find a magic ingredient to finish his spell. It was a wonderful end to an unforgettable afternoon.

We were lucky to be joined by Mrs. Drew, Headmistress of Bromley High School. She had the unenviable task of judging the competitors. In her summing up of the afternoon, Mrs. Drew praised the high standard of writing on display as well as the poets’ excellent delivery. After much deliberation, she decided to award Shakespeare House the title and trophy for this year.