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Nursery Highlights

This week Nursery enjoyed a wonderful shared experience at Forest School. We all gathered together at our Base Camp situated at the back of the school field which has been named Rainbow Leaf Woodland.

    Seated on logs in a circle around a small fire surround, the children were encouraged to consider          what was necessary to create a fire. They then set about collecting twigs, snapping them to make          sure they were dry enough to light. Safety procedures were in place and the children were taught          how to move safely to and from the fire area, stressing to them that there was to be strictly no              moving within the fire circle. This was practiced before Laura, our Forest School Leader, started the      fire and introduced the Kelly Kettle.  

    Huddled around the small fire, we all watched in great anticipation as the twigs began to burn and        the smoke curled its way into the frosty air. Soon steam began to billow from the Kelly Kettle and          not long after that we were all sipping delicious warm hot chocolate.