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Year 6 Become Ancient Greeks for the Day

On Wednesday 21st March, Year 6 were transported back in time to the land of the Ancient Greeks, with their Living History Workshop. 


The day began by setting the scene in an Ancient Greek Agora. The meeting place was full of different stalls which became very noisy as the Year 6 children tried to sell their goods amongst the Ancient Greek statues. This was followed by a re-enactment of one of the most important events on the Athenian calendar - the Panathenaic Festival.

Before lunch, the children learnt about The Elgin Marbles and carved their own miniature piece and then during the afternoon, the children experienced Greek theatre, with many of them taking part in a performance of the story of Artemis and Actaeon.  The Chorus were highly entertaining and were said to have been one of the most enthusiastic Choruses Living History had seen! 

Year 6 had a fantastic day learning about Ancient Greek life and they enjoyed participating in many of the practical activities.