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Girls Football Club Round-Up

Here is a round-up of the Girls Football Club matches.


On Thursday 8th February the Girls Football Club once again made the trip to Alleyn’s for a tournament. The girls are still struggling to start tournaments well and they lost their first game to Alleyn’s 0-1 even though they dominated the match. The second game saw Blackheath Prep once again dominate the match and secure a deserved 1-0 victory over Sydenham. Rosendale were next and were outstanding, it was an amazing performance from the girls to twice lead before battling to a 2-2 draw. The penultimate game was one of those games the girls are going to have to deal with, playing superbly throughout and missing chance after chance. JAPS scoring with their only shot of the match to ensure a 0-1 defeat. The response from Blackheath Prep in the last game was fantastic and a 2-0 win saw them agonisingly miss out on a semi-final spot by just one point.

A fantastic effort girls!

The Girls Football Club had two fixtures this week as their second term of football comes to a close. First was JAPS on Monday 5th March and it was a very tough test for the girls involved. The team has conceded a lot of early goals this season but it was Blackheath Prep who took an early lead with a well worked counter attack. JAPS then went on to dominate the match and the girls should be very proud of the way they handled a really tough game. Clearances off the line, last ditch blocks, great saves and brilliant positioning meant that Blackheath Prep clung on for the full 40 minutes to secure a 1-0 win with our team including two Year 4 girls playing in a Year 6 match. This proves how competitive the team is at the moment.

Rosemead then made another visit on Wednesday 7th March and at half time the score was 1-1 with the game looking like it could go either way. It is fair to say the girls didn’t have their best game but they still rallied to score halfway through the second half and secure a 2-1 win. These two results show how much desire and effort the girls have been putting into their football and to win even when not playing well shows they have come a long way since September.

Well done all!