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Technology Awareness Week

The children and staff have been involved in a wide range of activities in this year’s Technology Awareness Week. Working closely with the Safer Internet Centre and it's #SID2018 initiative has allowed all the children from Reception to Year 6 to consider the message 'A better internet starts with you'.


We also launched a 48 hour Digital Detox to encourage all members of the school community to engage with each other without the use of classroom technology. Every year group also completed an unplugged ICT lesson. Our Reception pupils became Internet servers and learned how connections get smarter and stronger, Year 3 explored the importance of strengthening our Digital Footprints and Year 5 debated the motion 'Who is responsible for online safety?'

The Prep assembly focused on how images are manipulated digitally to enhance the look of a model and the impact this can have after the image has been posted and shared. The children offered a wide range of opinions relating to the world of 'likes' and 'followers' on social media and it was reassuring to listen to their understanding of how reality has become increasingly blurred in the digital age.

It has been a wonderful week and the school are proud to put e-safety and Digital Citizenship at the heart of our pastoral systems. We look forward to the activities already planned for Technology Awareness Week 2019.