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Forest School Highlights

Forest School has been great fun for the Early Years children during this half term.


Following our first three weeks of treasure hunting, den building for woodland animals and mud painting, the children have also enjoyed an exciting autumn scavenger hunt on their walk down to the new Forest School space at the bottom of the field. We explored the space and had great fun finding natural items to match different shades of our autumn paint pallets. Some of us found a hole at the new site that we suspect belonged to a fox or rabbit, or possibly even a dinosaur! 


The Reception children have built hedgehog houses for hedgehogs to hibernate in during winter and have used shoe boxes and natural resources to make it homely for the hedgehogs. The children enjoyed peeling carrots for our compost bin while we talked about what other things can be put inside for the worms to decompose into fertiliser. 


The Nursery children had fun making mud pies, stone soup, "yucky stuff", playing with the mini wheelbarrows and rolling different seeds down bamboo pipes. We had a few conker and pine cone races and had to figure out how to unblock the pipes when there was a pine cone jam! The children also made patterns using different natural materials and during the last week, Nursery enjoyed planting some daffodils which will hopefully appear during spring (if the squirrels don't get to them first!). 


We’re all looking forward to coming back for another half term where the children will be helping to organise the new site and vote on a name for it.