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Year 4 Visit the Design Museum

On Monday 13th November Year 4 visited the Design Museum in Kensington. We travelled by coach and when we arrived we split into groups to visit the different exhibitions. 


The Beazley Design Awards exhibition displayed a wide range of interesting concepts and prototypes. These included a performance hijab by Nike that could change the face of sport for Muslim women, the first commercially available ink made from air pollution and a robotic personal helper that carries your belongings for you. After looking at the different entries the children were able to vote for their favourite. 

In another exhibition the children discovered over 1,000 products from the past to the present, including tube maps, robotic arms, Sega Mega Drives and iPod Shuffles and had fun using the interactive displays to learn about the items on show. They even got to test some chairs including one which resembled a spinning top which felt like you were ‘falling backwards’ according to Tom in 4T.  Some of the interesting facts the children learnt were that 3D printing was actually invented in the 1980’s and wellies are from the 19th century! 

The children had a great day of fun and exploring!