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Year 2 Trip to Kidzania

On Thursday 12th March, Year 2 went to Kidzania. 

After arriving at school at 8am, we set off on a coach to Hammersmith. 

On arrival at Kidzania the children were all given a wristband to wear and 50 Kidzos (the special currency used in Kidzania). 

The children then had the opportunity to step into some real life occupations to earn money, which could then be used to buy treats and experiences. Some of the roles chosen by Year 2 were policemen, firemen, window cleaners, radio DJs, delivery people and ambulance crew.  They also helped to create newspaper articles, deliver babies, fly planes and much more. 



Once they had earned enough currency the children had a variety of activities they could spend it on including Pokemon, Nintendo, face painting, cricket and other sports. The children could also open a bank account and receive their own bank card and pay for the activities with it. 

It was a great way for the children to learn about different jobs and having fun spending their earnings!