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Remembrance Day

This year’s Remembrance Assembly was a unique opportunity to embrace the Royal British Legion’s message of ‘Community Matters’.

As part of their History and English curriculum, the Year 5 pupils have been studying the First World War from a variety of perspectives. Michael Morpurgo’s War Horse and Michael Foreman’s War Game were two books central to the theme of the assembly and gave the pupils an opportunity to present experiences from the front line to the audience. Pupils read their own letters from the trenches alongside excerpts from literary pieces, all with the purpose of immersing the audience into the conditions and experiences endured by troops.

To allow the school community to gather collectively and remember those fallen in various global conflicts, every pupil, teacher and parent had the opportunity to draw a ‘poppy of peace’ on the side of the Nursery building in the main playground. Watching it take shape over the course of the morning was a truly magnificent site and it continues to slowly fade away highlighting that memories last long after the event.




To continue our work on embracing community and recognising sacrifices made for our freedom, every class will receive a number of wild poppy seeds that they can scatter across the heath outside of the school en masse. We hope that by next year a blanket of poppies will sway in front of our school grounds.