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Year 4 Captivated by Mexicolore Workshop

On Thursday 3rd October we were once again treated to a fascinating workshop on the Aztecs from the Mexicolore teaching team, who have been visiting our school for many years.

The Year 4 pupils were involved in a very interactive workshop that had activities such as: chanting in the ancient language, role play, lectures on Aztec daily life, food, animals, The Aztec Gods, looking at ancient artefacts, trying on clothing and playing musical instruments.

The highlight of the morning was perhaps re-enacting the ancient Aztec ball game that was played with a big rubber ball where the players could only use their hips to knock the ball through a hoop. Thankfully, the losing captain was not sacrificed as was custom in the Aztec period!  

It was a busy morning, but the two presenters had everyone captivated from start to finish. The children found the workshop to be hugely informative, interesting and fun!