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Nursery A Highlights

Nursery A’s week began with a catastrophe – all of our beloved dressing up clothes and home corner items were… gone!

Left in their place was a letter from some villains who wrote to tell the children that they had taken them! The children were obviously upset and ready to take action as superheroes. Together, they came up with ideas of what they could do to become superheroes: wear superhero capes and masks; decide on a superhero power and name; build a superhero HQ; design superhero cars; make traps, dungeons and jails to capture the villains and make their bodies stronger and healthier by building their muscles through exercise and eating healthy foods. Nursery A children thoroughly embraced and enjoyed trying to achieve all of these superhero requirements, as well as taking on further challenges. Throughout the week, it was wonderful to watch the children work as a team to overcome the villains and win back their precious belongings.