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Nursery Highlights - Chinese New Year

The visit from Yinglun’s mum was a wonderful introduction to Chinese New Year in Nursery 1.  The children were interested to hear about the lunar calendar and all of the children heard the story of the Zodiac and know that it is the Year of the Pig. 

They were encouraged to express themselves and their creativity and discovered some of the traditions and celebrations that take place through a range of activities.  They enjoyed making clay pigs and experimented with writing Chinese symbols.  In Dance, they listened to traditional music and enthusiastically took part in a Dragon dance, wearing the Lion mask that Zhanren had brought into school.  All of the children experienced food tasting and many showed developing skill in using chopsticks!  Cara took pride in handing out the money envelopes she had brought in to share with the class and Yinglun was eager to ensure that everyone had a fortune cookie to take home.  Thank you to everyone who participated in making it an enjoyable celebration.