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Year 5 Maths Webinar

On the final full day of school in December, Year 5 pupils joined a webinar organised by NRICH, the organisation set up by Cambridge University to encourage problem solving in Maths.

Children from around the world were invited to take part with their classmates and our pupils were ready and waiting when the hour-long collaboration started.  An investigation problem was set and the webinar format allowed pictures of children’s work and their comments to be sent in live.  Blackheath Prep pupils were enthusiastic in their approach and excited to watch their contributions appearing on the screen for all to see.  They were also amazed to notice contributions from children in schools across the UK and in other countries working on the same problem at the same time.

The Year 5 Maths teachers thought that the children learned a lot about how to work on an investigation from this experience.  Pupils looked at all the options available, questioned their assumptions, learnt from their mistakes, collaborated with others and shared their ideas – all excellent ways to learn in any subject.  Some children even thought that they knew better than the organisers of the webinar as to how they should carry out their work!

NRICH are hoping to host more of these webinars during 2019 and we will certainly be aiming to join in again in the future.  For plenty of interesting maths problems for all ages and abilities, do visit their website: