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Year 4 Visit the Design Museum

On Monday 12th November Ms Davies, Mrs McGovern Smith, Ms Erdogan, Mr Elworthy and Mr McDowell and Year 4 went to the Design Museum in Kensington.


We travelled by coach and when we arrived we split into groups to visit three different exhibitions.  Some of us ventured downstairs to see the Beazley Design Awards of the Year. In the Design Awards, there were a wide range of interesting concepts and prototypes. These included new materials such as algae to be used to 3D print, Mushroom building material, furniture made from sea salt and a plastic free supermarket. On the ground floor we visited ‘Home Futures’ which included sofas made of chains and in the shapes of lips, architectural and interior design and a massive multiple dwelling which everyone thoroughly enjoyed. Upstairs, there was an exhibition with over 1,000 products from the present and the past from the different perspectives of a Designer, Maker and User. On show were tube maps, robotic arms, Sega Mega Drives and iPod shuffles. There were interactive displays and a chair we could all test including one imitating a spinning top which felt like you were ‘falling backwards’ according to some. We were all astonished by what we found out for instance 3D printing was invented in the 1980s and wellies are from the 19th century!