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Year 5 Trip to Tate Modern

On 2nd October Year 5 began their day with an early morning stroll through a beautifully autumnal Greenwich Park. 


Crunching leaves, chatting with their peers and collecting conkers, they made their way down to Greenwich Pier where they boarded the Thames Clipper. It was perfect weather to take in the sights of London and views of the river as Year 5 journeyed up the Thames.

The children entered the Tate Modern via the Turbine Hall. An Artwork treasure hunt kept Year 5 very busy, exploring the collections as they discovered the many inspirational, amazing and sometimes peculiar exhibits that the gallery has to offer. 

It was fair to say that the thermal reactive floor was the highlight of the day for most of the children. They enjoyed sliding around with their friends creating impressions of their feet and hands, individually and as part of their small groups.


Reluctantly, it was time to return to school and the boat journey back gave the children time to reflect on and discuss their personal favourites from the many wonderful exhibits they had seen on this busy and inspirational day.