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Year 3 Living Histories Workshop

Year 3 thoroughly enjoyed the wide range of hands-on activities they encountered as part of their Living Histories Ancient Egyptian workshop on Friday 28th September. 

The children went straight into character by becoming Ancient Egyptians, wearing white tunics with belts and decorated collars. Year 3 worked in teams and learned how to weave mats made out of reeds that would have grown by the River Nile. They created their own metal cartouche by engraving hieroglyphics onto a metal disc. Other activities included making amulets from clay and chalk powder, which will be used to paint the amulets in the coming weeks. The children drew on papyrus and tried to spot the Ancient Egyptian jewellery from a range of jewellery styles. It was a great day and a fabulous introduction to all the exciting things Year 3 will study over the coming months.