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Year 5 Visit UKSA

On Monday 21st May Year 5 arrived bright and early at school ready for their week in the Isle of Wight.

After a coach and boat ride the children arrived at the United Kingdom Sailing Academy (UKSA), where they got straight into their wetsuits - which took quite some time - and completed various pontoon jumps. In the evening they played team games which were both exciting and challenging. Year 5's favourite game was Human Hungry Hippos, where one team mate was pushed by the rest of the team on a skateboard into an arena full of ballpit balls where they had to grab as many balls as possible using a washing basket.


On Tuesday Year 5 had the opportunity to sail a keel boat, which was very exciting and they all had a part to play in sailing the boat along the coast. Fortunately the sun was shining so the children were able to kick off their shoes, dangle their legs over the side of the boat and enjoy the waves splashing over their feet. The second activity of the day was Stand up Paddle Boarding (SUP). The children enjoyed working as a pair to keep upright on their boards and not fall into the water. In the evening the children walked to the beach in Cowes and enjoyed playing team games together.


The first activity on Wednesday was learning how to sail. The children worked well together and were successful at sailing in pico boats, for some this was their first experience of sailing. The next challenge was to build their own rafts. First the teams had to bid for the equipment they wanted to use in an auction and then build the raft, another chance for the children to work together as a team. Once the rafts were built and boarded it was time for the teams to compete against each other in some races. At the end of another busy day the children spent the  evening crabbing off the pontoon. 


On Thursday morning Year 5 pulled on their wetsuits and were driven to a beach on the other side of the island. Once there they learnt about windsurfing and participated in games on the water to help them balance on the boards. By the end of the session all children were up on the boards windsurfing along the shore. The second activity of the day was wet team games, the highlight being crossing the tightrope tied between two pontoons. 

Before leaving on Friday Year 5 kayaked up the Solent and got very, very wet. Some of the children ended up getting covered in seaweed too!  On the journey back to Blackheath Prep, the children reflected on the fantastic week and the wonderful memories they had made.