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Year 3 Living History Workshop

On Friday 15th June, Year 3 were transported back in time to the land of the Romans with their Living History Workshop.  


The day began with a famous Roman attack on Britain led by Julius Caesar in 55BC. This was extremely noisy, lots of fun and involved everyone – the Celt side even had missiles! 

The children participated in a carousel of Roman activities which included Roman games, the chance to look at Roman coins and trying to spot the fakes, Gladiator fighting, trying on Roman armour and creating their own testudo formation. 


Before lunch, the children took part in a Latin lesson the Roman way.  This was completed with wax tablets plus a very stern slave who was teaching.

In the afternoon, the children experienced their very own Roman Banquet. They dined in style and tried real Roman recipes, just before the day ended with an extremely entertaining Roman pantomime.

Year 3 had a fantastic day learning about Roman life and enjoyed in the activities.