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Girls PE Round-Up

It has been a very busy term for all year groups with residential trips and Cross Curricular Week. However, the girls were given the opportunity to take part in a number of scheduled fixtures against Blackheath High School, Babington House, St. Dunstan's, Breaside, Merton Court, Alleyn's and JAPS.


All year groups have seen the introduction of girls cricket this term and have had either the opportunity to take part in a fun skills afternoon, friendly matches or pairs games. The girls have seen a reduced number of rounders fixtures as we embed girls Cricket in the curriculum.

Our Year 3 girls enjoyed their fun cricket skills afternoons and played well in their rounders match against Blackheath High School which bodes well for the future.

Highlights for Year 4 girls included pairs cricket matches against Alleyn's in which the two teams lost by only 2 and 8 runs respectively. They had fun cricket skills afternoons at JAPS and at home which ended with fun games for all. The term culminated in a rounders match at Alleyn's. 

Year 5 girls have also enjoyed pairs matches at Alleyn's where Team 1 won by 13 runs and Team 2 narrowly lost by 8 runs. Their rounders match against Babington House saw both teams run out winners with Team 1 winning 17-6 ½ and Team 2 winning 11-4 ½ .

Year 6 finished 6th overall at their end of league rounders tournament. They also had the opportunity to host a fun cricket skills afternoon at home and enjoyed the fun games immensely. Their pairs cricket matches at Alleyn's and St Dunstan's saw the girls win comprehensively as their understanding of cricket has increased exponentially this term.

Our U11 Girls Football Club took part in the Regional ISFA competition hosted at St Aubyn's and the girls qualified for the National Finals and came 5th overall. This is a wonderful achievement! Full details of the final can be found in the ISFA Girls' Football news article on 26th June.