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Polar Explorer Visits Blackheath Prep

During Cross-Curricular Week, Alex Hibbert, Polar traveller, visited Blackheath Prep and gave a truly inspirational talk about his adventures. 

With a wealth of spectacular images collected during his trips over a number of years, Alex explained how he had become drawn to the desolate landscape of the Arctic regions.  He started to describe a number of journeys, including a record breaking crossing and immediate re-crossing of the Greenland ice cap, but instead chose to focus on a project that had not gone according to plan.

Alex has a long held ambition to travel unaided to the North Pole in winter, in other words in the pitch dark!  This is the Dark Ice Project.  Having built a team, planned meticulously, gathered his resources and supplies, trained and organised an incredible adventure, he and his fellow travellers were on the point of setting off only to discover that the Arctic ice that year was not going to be strong enough to support them.  Rather than give up and go home, Alex made the decision to turn the disappointment into an opportunity.  His passionate description and extensive photographic record of his plan to acquire and train a motley team of sled dogs and his search for a safe route around the coast of Greenland and up a glacier to the ice cap was extraordinary.  Throughout, the message to everyone listening was that with determination, persistence, planning, teamwork and, above all self-belief, almost anything is possible.  Alex showed that we can all learn from our own setbacks.  The Dark Ice Project remains active.

After the presentation, Alex answered a large number of excellent questions from the children who had clearly been fascinated by what they had seen and heard.

More information about Alex and his adventures is available on his website